Thursday, April 18 2019
PokerStars prohibits table selection
I have been informed by PokerStars that they are prohibiting all forms of table selection software on their site. I asked them if I could just remove the AutoWaitlist feature from TableScan but they told me that they will not allow any type of table selection. The only option they have given me is if I remove PokerStars support from TableScan entirely, then they will allow TableScan to be run while PokerStars is open and they will not give a warning for it. I will be releasing an update in the next few days to remove PokerStars support from TableScan to comply with their rules.

If you want to continue using TableScan Turbo on another poker site, it is still working on Winning Poker.

I would like to try and see if I can add support for more sites. If you have any suggestions for other Poker sites you would like to see TST support, where it would be allowed, please let me know at [email protected] or on Skype: zandrytst

If you have purchased TableScan Turbo in the last 60 days and want a refund due to this issue, please contact me on email or skype.

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