Monday, November 14 2011
RC4 build 7 Released
Fixed support for the latest iPoker updates
Fixed support for latest Microgaming updates
Added support for iPoker skin: G Casino Poker
Added support for Ongame skin: Winga Poker
Added support for Microgaming skin: EFbet
Added support for Pacific Poker skin: 848 Poker
Added support for

Fixed an issue caused by the recent update of npgsql in RC4 b6 that could cause TableScan to lag or crash

New feature: You can now select a required poker site when creating List Filters
New feature: You can now exclude regulars and blocked players from any of the columns in Configure > Player Definitions
New feature: "Pause scanning on a site when the lobby is made the active foreground window" - at Configure > Settings > Sites
New feature: "Always scroll to the top of poker lobbies at the end of each scan" - at Configure > Settings > Sites. Please note, TableScan will no longer scroll to the top of iPoker after scanning if this option is not checked.
New feature: "Abort scan if no progress has been made for X seconds" - at Configure > PermaScan/AutoScan
New feature: "When opening Tables on PokerStars, click "Seat Me" if available" - at Configure > Settings > Sites

New HUD feature: "Disable right-click dragging", in HUD > Configure HUD > Appearance
New HUD feature: "Default Text", in HUD > Configure HUD > Appearance - this allows you to change the "Unknown Table!" text to something else
New HUD feature: "Refresh Rate", in HUD > Configure HUD > Appearance - lowering this value could slightly improve the efficiency of the HUD on slower computers

New feature: You can now view all of the players in your imported player notes, with their stats in the Player Details Window, by Selecting View > Player Notes

Added exclusions to Scan Filters: "Exclude Short-handed tables" which can be used to exclude 3max tables on ongame, and "Exclude CAP Tables"
The "Exclude Phrase" scan filter will now also exclude tables where the phrase is found in the table type or limit

The "Notes" column is now sorted by color instead of text value
Changed name of "Advanced Settings" window to "Settings"
Slightly improved PT3 query efficiency
Fixed a number of issues with joining waitlists on Merge

Fixed a bug introduced in RC4 b6 that would cause TableScan to crash if a database query took more than 60 seconds
Fixed a bug where TableScan could open a table that was full on PartyPoker when using "Open OR Join" with autowaitlist
Fixed a bug where Autowaitlist could behave incorrectly when a "# of Tables" or "# of Multi-tablers" condition was used
Fixed a bug where scanning 888 poker could produce odd results if the lobby was not visible on screen
Fixed a bug where TableScan would not correctly detect the table size on PokerStars when rescanning a single table
Fixed a bug on PartyPoker where TableScan could sometimes not join a table's waitlist
Fixed a bug where scoring rules that were assigned to a specific stake would not be counted when the stake was using a comma as a decimal point
Fixed a bug where moving the TableScan HUD using right click + drag could behave strangely when using "Embedded" mode
Fixed a bug where TableScan could give an error when resizing or opening tables on PartyPoker and using "Embedded" mode HUD
Fixed a bug where mousing over the playerlist in TableScan's HUD could cause errors
Fixed a bug where the "Table Limit" requirement in the list filters was not working correctly for CAP tables on PokerStars
Fixed a bug where the "Search for Player" feature did not work on Boyle Poker
Fixed a bug where Tablescan would only scan one player at each table on in some very rare cases
Fixed a bug where TableScan could try to join a waitlist on a table where a seat available popup was open on Azartia Poker when in spanish
Fixed a bug where 888 would sometimes not be scanned when the PartyPoker lobby was open
Fixed a bug where scanning 888 poker could fail if the lobby was minimized at the beginning of the scan
Fixed a bug where the HUD was not being updated at the end of a scan when using # of Multi-Tablers
Fixed a bug where TableScan would not allow you to add one database as both PT3 and PT3 Omaha

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